At MN350 Action, we envision a world in which our lives are fueled by renewable energy and our politicians and political candidates serve all Minnesotans. In 2018, we are building a base of support for climate justice champions who share our vision and are ready to enact change. MN350 Action seeks to build a bold, diverse mass movement for climate justice by galvanizing public support and conducting direct, grassroots lobbying to demand change.  ‚Äč


MN 350 Action is organized to promote climate justice—an economically and racially just transition to a clean energy economy—through ongoing public education and community organizing throughout Minnesota and the Midwest.  By recruiting supporters, training leaders, and convening meetings and educational events at the neighborhood, city, and state level, MN350 Action intends to build an organization of people who take actions to advance more sustainable, just communities. Together, MN350 Action volunteers will advocate for policies at all levels of civic and economic power that will help prevent dangerous climate change by reducing the use of fossil fuels.


Striving for Climate Justice

MN350 Action focuses on public education and communication to encourage residents from all walks of life to learn about the dangers of climate change, and to get involved in their communities and educate others with MN350 Action and allied groups while building a shared vision of a just clean energy future.  Active MN350 Action volunteers will make contributions to support the organization, participate in shaping the work of the organization through action team meetings, and contribute to the efforts of MN350 Action through volunteer work that expands MN350 Action and its allied groups’ capacity for outreach and advocacy.  


Members of MN350 Action will pay monthly dues to support the organization and/or volunteer on an ongoing basis. These members will participate in decision-making processes in local chapter and project based team meetings and an annual statewide meeting. 


Based on the decisions made by its board of directors and volunteer leadership about issue priorities and strategies, MN350 Action carries out issue campaigns to influence public opinion and persuade corporate leaders and elected officials to enact policies that prevent catastrophic climate changes and advance climate justice.  MN350 Action prepares and distributes information to the public about climate justice issues, and lobbies legislators for support for specific measures that advance MN350 Action’s agenda.  MN350 Action encourages members to express their power by voting and participating in local institutions where climate, ecological, and energy policies are established.

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