Support Healthy Communities:

        Clean Buses Now!

MN350 and Twin Cities Transit Riders Union are leading the charge for clean transportation in the Twin Cities. We have the technology at our hands to clean up our transportation system—fighting carbon emissions and neighborhood pollution. But for years, car companies and policymakers have delayed action. As a result, pollution kills thousands of Twin Citians every year, and our transportation sector is the biggest contributor to climate change.

Our regional leaders need to step up and take a stand for climate solutions.That's why today, we're calling on Metro Transit to transition to a 100% Electric Bus fleet by 2030.

  • Electric buses create no tailpipe pollution—meaning fewer toxic chemicals in low-income, dense communities across the Twin Cities.

  • They cut carbon emissions substantially—by as much as 70% compared to conventional buses.

  • Switching over is more than economically feasible—electric buses actually cost less overall than our current fleet, because of the cost savings on fuel.


We have the power to change things, but we can't get there without your help in showing leaders that this is a priority. Together, we can beat back fossil fuels, clean up our neighborhoods, and bring the change we need to see. Join us to demand clean transportation for healthy communities. 

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