Bruce Stenswick of Eden Prairie wrote the email below to fellow residents of Minnesota's 3rd Congressional District. More and more Minnesota voters like Bruce are insisting that candidates make preventing damage to the climate a priority in their campaigns. 

In the 3rd District, at least one candidate for the U.S. House is listening. Dean Phillips has signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge. Erik Paulsen continues to accept huge donations from Big Oil.

Take 30 seconds to complete our simple form to thank Dean Phillips and demand that Erik Paulsen do better. Together, we are reclaiming our democracy.

My name is Bruce. I’m a volunteer with MN350 Action and live in Eden Prairie, which means I’m a fellow resident of the 3rd Congressional District. 

I never considered myself a political person, and I wasn’t politically active. I knew a good deal about environmental issues, but they seemed distant. That all changed when I began to recognize the impact of climate change on my life. 

I’m an ardent cross country skier. But over the past few years, skiing has become increasingly difficult. Snowfall patterns have changed, and the temperature varies significantly. The air might warm just enough for the snow to melt, but then it cools again at night, and the ski paths ice over. It makes me sad to consider what skiers like me have lost, perhaps forever.

That’s why I decided to get involved. If Minnesotans are going to save skiing for future generations, climate change must be addressed. That means ending our dependence on fossil fuel. That means paying attention to politics and elections. The candidates who win in November have the power to advance or derail our vision for a clean energy future. 

MN350 Action, the new advocacy arm of MN350, is the collective voice for Minnesotans who are eager for politicians to step up as Climate Champions and to demonstrate strong leadership. MN350 Action has launched a campaign called the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge as a tangible way for candidates to show voters where their priorities lie. 

I want to express my gratitude to Dean Phillips, who is running for the U.S. House from the 3rd District and who has already signed the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge. By signing the pledge, Dean has made clear his commitment to climate justice. 

However, I am deeply concerned by the lack of leadership on this issue from Erik Paulsen, who is running to retain his 3rd District seat. Not only has Erik Paulsen not signed the pledge, but he also is accepting large donations from the Koch brothers, champions of the fossil fuel industry. 

If you agree that fighting climate change and protecting our environment ought to be priorities, please submit MN350 Action's simple form to join me in thanking Dean Phillips for signing the No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge and to urge Erik Paulsen to sign it, as well. Will you add your name to fight climate change?


Bruce Stenswick
MN350 Action volunteer

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