21-year-old Janna Fitzgerald grew up in Inver Grove Heights and and now is a junior environmental science major at Illinois Wesleyan University. She wrote the email below to fellow  residents of Minnesota's 2nd Congressional District.

The two leading candidates for the U.S. House from that district, Angie Craig and Jason Lewis, are in a tight race. Neither has signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney Pledge. Show Janna that you share her compelling vision for a brighter future.

I am a volunteer with MN350 Action, and I'm writing because I want whoever we elect to the U.S. House from the 2nd District to be a climate champion.

I grew up in Inver Grove Heights before leaving to go to college. I am a junior at Illinois Wesleyan University, majoring in environmental science. I still consider Minnesota my home. I was that kid who made her own recycling bin Halloween costume in fifth grade.


As a 21-year-old considering my future, I am concerned that candidates are not paying enough attention to one of the most important issues of our day. And I'm convinced candidates who accept hundreds or thousands of dollars in donations from Big Oil and other corporate interests simply will not serve the citizens who voted for them. Instead, they will serve those special interests.

Hundreds of volunteers in Minnesota, including me, are committed to electing candidates who grasp the urgency of returning our climate to a safe level of carbon in a way that best promotes a just and livable future. This is why I have joined MN350 Action's statewide campaign to urge Minnesota candidates to sign a pledge to reject contributions from fossil fuel companies

The No Fossil Fuel Money Pledge is a tangible way for candidates to show voters where their priorities lie. I'm disappointed to report that despite repeated requests, neither of our congressional candidates in the 2nd District have signed the pledge!

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